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Sunday, May 29, 2005


I was just utterly disgusted by this, i didnt know whether to laugh or get more disgusted, so i decided to just laugh. First of all,i think written hindi is a little difficult to follow, plus, this guy has used all that filthy language which goes above my head. But whatever little i could gather from this, it was eeks. I really wonder how people have such blogs.
This blog ---> grossed me out completely..
God save this world!

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Today .. happened to be my parents wedding anniversary.. so me and sis thought of doing something special by cooking for them.. dont we go for lunch and dinner pretty often.. cooking i thought was something novel and they would definitely appreciate the effort. Many times i've thought of cooking in the past, with just a little help from mom, but most of the time its just that she does it and i land up helping her.
Anyway, my little sis was to make half of the meal, and me the other half. She is anyday more experienced than me.. and it showed..
One of the things i was making (trying to make) was palak paneer... yep my mom likes it.. after the terrible hour spent in the kitchen.. the end product looked like.. boiled green crayons..
My sweet parents not only ate it, they actually said it was nice... mom and dad.. i love you.. :D.. does anybody want me to cook for them?? ....hmm

Monday, May 02, 2005

oh so lazy..

When i was little, i mean ponytails and teddybears little... i was one of the most active kids ever..i had boundless energy to run around all day, blabber non stop, jump around, be destructive. Many of my relatives would shudder at my sight, cos i had the capability to drive anybody nuts (that still exists) with my infinite questions...most of them nonsensical.
This is why my parents wonder, how can such an active kid turn out to be so unbelievably lazy. Now i dont lift my finger to do anything, moving my pretty ass from one place to another is such a task. My mom i would say is my best pal... understands me the most..however, in these issues we have our differences. My laziness has been a major concern in the family. My mom has tried her best to turn me into a more responsible being.. nothing works. Only thing that happens.. we argue everyday about the same issues... and am blasted every few days. We're really like Tom and Jerry... jerry ofcourse, has to be me... i annoy her in every possible way.. and then run for my life.. the day tom gets me... am dead...
And today was one of the days i got caught.. *sighs*

Saturday, April 23, 2005

hairy tales

People chop off their hair in summer... i think long hair can atleast be tied... short hair stays on your head all can that help? I had short hair most of my school life... just cos getting up in the morning to braid my hair was a pain... i wasnt willing to sacrifice those 10 mins of sleep..but now am not sure i would want to have a mushroom cut again..
My dad was coming home today, and my sis and i decided to surprise him by going to the airport... he wasnt expecting us... and so we went.. here's the scene at the airport
me and sis waiting. we see a man coming out.
me: hey is that dad?
sis: ofcourse not, dads not totally bald still
me: right
sis: hey, that man is waving
(both our heads turn behind to see if theres someone behind us. Nope. That man is close to us now)
Two shocked faces stare at each other. Smiling bald man, "Heyy, so how did you decide to come to the airport".. and finally it registers...
me: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? you lost all your hair on that one trip that lasted just 4 days?
dad: *grinning*... its so hot, i thought, why not.. i shaved it..and this is so comfy
sis: comfy? yuck.. you look like our grandfather
dad: i would have lost all of it in a while, how does it matter?
silence as we drove back.. i was seriously so pissed dad was balding from behind. But still, he had a lot of hair. What hit him that he decided to pluck each strand and sport a frenchie?
My mom opened the door with a broad smile.. and after seeing him her eye brows scrunched and her jaws almost dropped to her knees.. the same explanation followed. My mom said she wouldnt want to walk with my dad on the streets again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Alive Again

Here i am again... this is a reincarnation of my previous blog that i murdered.. shot it to death by hitting "Delete blog"... well...i didnt do it myself.. just gave the supari and my job was done.. simply cos i didnt know how to do it myself..:D... Impulse led me to end that.. and impulse led me to create this one.. This bloggie shall stay alive as long as my interest doesnt spark off..
Initially when the blog is just created, its fed regularly with frequent posts, like before, i blogged everyday in the beginning, then the interest level goes on diminishing.. and after that... its like.. blog? what blog?...I can see the same thing happening again...:P..k at the moment, am all perked up about this.. lets see how long it goes...